False Teacher Test

James Boice has an excellent litmus test for false teachers. It’s very practical and simple. His premise is based on Jesus words that tell us the good tree will produce good fruit. So the good teacher will produce good fruit in their disciples, and the false teacher will produce bad fruit in their disciples. Or put another way, the good pastor will produce good fruit in their congregation and the false pastor will produce bad fruit in their congregation. Here’s James Boice’s summary.

Let me put it this way. Does the teaching you are receiving satisfy your soul? Does it bring you closer to God? Does it equip you to live for Jesus Christ at home and in your place of work? Does it make you less selfish? Does it prompt you to help and serve other people when you have an opportunity to do so? If it does not, find teaching that does. Find a place where the teaching takes root and flourishes in growth and spiritual satisfaction. The only instruction that will ever satisfy you in this way is accurate Bible teaching.

Boice, J. M. (2001). The Gospel of Matthew (114). Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books.

Jenn and I are thankful that we can say yes to many of these questions. West Hills Community church in Morgan Hill is an excellent place to call our church home. If you are not in a church that prompts you to produce good fruit, then what are you waiting for?

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