Community Support Agriculture

We joined the community supported agriculture (CSA) program of a local organic farm. This means we get a share of their harvest throughout the year.

Each week, the farm puts together boxes with fresh vegetables and fruit that they picked from the fields. They drive throughout the South Bay and drop off these boxes to a variety of pick up sites. Our site happens to be only 2 miles from our house!

The nice thing about this, is that we don’t need to drive far, and we are gauranteed to have fresh, ripe and completely organically grown fruits and vegetables for the week. We pay around $1000 for the entire spring, summer and fall seasons. That comes to abuot $30 per box. It’s much cheaper and more convenient that going to the organic food store.

Jenn and I tend to settle on 3 or 4 of our favorite vegetables and fruits, so this program will also encourage us to eat a wider variety of healthy fruits and vegetables.

The farm we are using is called Live Earth Farm. Check out their website. Click Here

We found them by searching for CSA’s in the Bay Area using Local Harvest’s website. You can also find a local farm anywhere in the country. Click Here

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