Claire’s Ear Piercings at Paisley Haus

For Her Fifth Birthday!

Claire wanted to get her ear’s pierced for her fifth birthday. So Jenn started looking around for special places to have it done. We preferred to have it done somewhere more profession. The random mall kioske or store seemed too casual and uncertain. Paisley Haus was recommended by one of Jenn’s friends. It’s a place that specializes in body piercings.

When we arrived, Claire picked out the studs that would go into her ears. She chose 18K gold studs that look like little princess crowns. To our suprise our piercer used her hands to manually push each stud through the ear. Perhaps her experienced hands, and a quality stud made it possible. Whatever the case, Claire hardly made a sound, but she had the look in her eyes as if the tears were building up. We had told Claire that it would hurt, so Claire was not surprised when it hurt. In the video you can see that Claire was ready to be held by Mommy.

I’ll post photos of the studs later. For now, there’s a video.


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  1. Sarah Wilson says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about, letting the kids decide whether they want to have their ears pierced rather than forcing them to do so.
    Awesome post! Thanks for sharing.

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