Baby Mateo

Last weekend we visited with our church friends over dinner. Alejandra and Raul brought their young son Mateo. In the picture above, Mateo is enjoying a swing in a portable aquarium swing as he stares up at his dad. Vijay and Karen hosted the dinner with their son Nathan.




He’s a cutie. Jenn just loves his sweet cry. He’s Alejandra and Raul’s first born son. That makes it three first born sons among these friends.

Our friends Vijay and Karen live in a brand new town home in Sunnyvale. The town homes in their area are all built with beautiful archictectural details and landscaping. But be prepared to pay. A 1500 sq foot town home can cost over $800,000! Most of these new town homes have very little, if any, yard. Nevertheless, even with the steep price, town homes in the Silicon Valley are springing up like wild.

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