Attend Church on Sunday?

Christmas is falling on a Sunday this year. Many churches are not holding a Christmas day service. Many churches are holding a Christmas day service.

Our church, Church on the Hill, is holding a Christmas day service. It will be Christmas morning, during the time that most kids are exploding at the seams, ready to open their presents. What should the Church do on a day like this, when it falls on the sacred Sunday?

It’s no secret that Christmas has become a very secular holiday. Even Christians who know the religious significance and importance of Christmas loose sight of the real reason for the season. Jesus Christ was born into the world. Sometimes it seems like the Christmas songs we hear on secular radio have more heartfelt acknowledgement of Christ’s birth.

Let be real, it’s Christ’s birthday. What better way to celebrate Christ’s birthday than to get together with the body of Christ, our brother’s and sisters in Christ, and have a huge morning celebration. Is it more appropriate that we all wake up and gather around a tree and think about which present is for me? Let’s compare the option, celebrate Christ’s birthday with his beloved Church? Or think only about my family and open presents for me and my family?

There’s an article about this Subject, Mega Churches to Close Door on Christmas Sunday at The Christian Post. James Bratt, a historian at Calvin College commented:

“It’s a sign of how totally identified with the culture [evangelicals have] become,” Bratt said. “The church has subordinated to cultural icons, and family is one of them. ... The logic of that is you should celebrate the holiday in its true sanctuary, which is the home.”

It’s not often than Christmas falls on Sunday. It’s truly special to honor Jesus’s birthday with fellow believers. It’s a good message to our kids and to ourselve, to step away from thinking about ourselves and our family, and put Jesus at the top of our Christmas day celebration. After all, he is the reason for the season.

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  1. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) says:

    Your 100% right,and what really sickens me is this deal about replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Holiday” Christ is the reason for the season , it should stay that way. I have been reading several post on diffrent sites about this issue,and it really makes you think” Look to the east,for our Lord Jesus Christ is surely coming like a theif in the night!

  2. Rob says:

    We purchase our tree at Orchard Supply Hardware. The sign read “Fresh Cut Trees”. Looks like they avoided the issue altogether.

    I suppose “Merry Christmas” is going to be like saying “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance.

    After 911, I was in downtown Campbell at a Fire Fighters tribute. I heard people put extra forcefull emphasis on “Under God” when they were reciting the pledge of allegiance. In fact, a few people actually yelled “Under God” to really state their stance.

    People will start getting that extra forceful tone in their voice whenever they say “Merry Christmas”—with emphasis on Christmas. Why can’t America just let us Christians enjoy our Christmas holiday. Obviously, Satan and his minions are trying their best to ruin it and defame Jesus in our generation.





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