Annie’s Birthday

It was actually quite a while ago, but I never mentioned it here. Our ex-neighbors Jill and Brian had a birthday party for their daughter Annie at Little Gym. It seemed like a very girly activity, but the boys and girls had lots of fun. And actually, I wish I was small enough to play on this stuff but I think I would have broken something on either myself or in the facility!

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Here’s a photo of Matthew jumping from the balance beam.

As an icebreaker, they had each kid say their name and then have them knock down this padded ramp.

They they played a game of following simple fun instructions involving a little red cloth.

Meanwhile, Claire sorta did her own thing.

And the parents were up against the wall with their cameras.

One of the hardest things for Matthew was to stand still on the little spot.

Then they did a little tumble routing, each person taking a turn.

They also had some yummy cake and played with balloons. It was a lot of fun and what a treat Annie had to spend her Birthday with friends in such a exciting place.

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