A Veggie Cross

Recently, Matthew has found it fun to eat some food items with a toothpick. It started when we sampled some sausages at Costco. They used the little toothpicks to serve them.

I served the little slices of sausage on a plate and he wanted to eat them with a “stick”. It took forever to figure out what he wanted because it had already been days since our Costco trip and we had long forgot. Matthew kept saying “stick, stick!”. And he wouldn’t eat the sausages.

In our normal manner we probably said something like, “no, we’re not playing with sticks right now, eat the sausage”. But he was very insistent and pointing up above the microwave saying “stick”. Well, we keep the toothpicks above the microwave and after deep blank thought, and by the grace of God I finally, I realized he wanted to eat the sausages with a toothpick.

“Oh, you mean a toothpick?” Matthew agreed.

So now he likes to eat various foods with a toothpick. He pleasantly surprised us recently when he suddenly said, “look, Jesus cross.” And we turned to see his veggies put to good use.

And he ate his veggies too.

Click Here for all photos of Matthew and the Veggie Cross.

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